About NARL!

Founded in 1946, NARL is an affiliated club of the ARRL, the national association of Amateur Radio. A large percentage of NARL members are also members of ARRL and/or live in or near Newington; but other members come from other towns in Connecticut and have no connection to the ARRL.

NARL is an ARRL Special Service Club, engaged in a well-balanced program of activities to promote Amateur Radio and provide communications service for the communities of the Capital Region. The matrix of programs includes the following:

  • NARL encourages new ham training by offering Amateur Radio license classes for Technician, General and Extra Class licenses, and mentoring activites to improve skill and operating abilities. Classes form all year long. Contact President@narl.net if interested in a class.
  • NARL promotes Amateur Radio by highlighting the presence of Amateur Radio in the Capital Region by arranging media coverage of NARL activities.
  • NARL provides a cadre of skilled Amateur Radio operators if other communications fail or are damaged.
  • NARL engages in the continuing technical education of its members to ensure that members are familiar with cutting edge radio technology
  • NARL encourages active participation in operating and public service events to ensure a high level of operating skill among its members.
  • NARL holds monthly general membership meetings, often with guest speakers, publishes a newsletter and maintains three repeaters and various web sites and social media sites.

For more information on any of NARL's activities, contact the NARL President or any member of the Board of Directors.