NARL Club 2020 General Meetings:
Until further notice, meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7 pm on the club's repeater at 145.450Mhz, pl 127.3, minus offset.

Board of Directors Meetings: as announced by President.

Ham related events for 2020:   

  • NARL INFO NET - Every Thursday, 7:30 PM on 145.450MHz, minus 600kHz offset, pl 127.3  
  • October 3 - CT ARES Simulated Emergency Test, 9am to noon.  Injects will be issued to anyone registered with at 9, 10, and 11 am. Any ham, whether or not they are registered as ARES members, welcome to reply to the injects by contacting their local ARES EC over a local repeater.
  • October 5 - 7 pm - the monthly general membership meeting will be held on the 145.450 repeater. 
  • October 13, 14, 15 - CT ARES will conduct training sessions via Zoom.  See the web site for details as they become available.
  • November 14 - A Red Cross drill will include support by ARES, CERT Emcomm, and Auxcomm hams.
  • Sometime later this year: a MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) will conduct a S.W.E.A.T. exercise.  Any ham can submit a correctly formatted 20-line real-world status report for their town through the CT ARES SEC or certain MARS liaisons.  Details to come.

Public Service Events, communications provided by NARL

The Newington Amateur Radio League (NARL) is a local non-profit organization that provides as a public service, free of charge, volunteers for communications.  In the recent past, we have provided comms for charity walks and races, bike and motorcycle rides, outdoor events and parades. 

Why ask for ham radio operators for your event?

  • Some towns now require or recommend that event plans include ham radio for backup communications
  • If the event venue has poor cell coverage (ham radios have more power and better antennas, don't rely on cell towers)
  • If attendance will be so large that cell subscribers won't get dial tone (if thousands of spectators reach for their phones at the same time, the local cell towers will overload)
  • If your event leaders will be too busy to answer their phones (hams are trained to "shadow" leaders and free them from the burden of working phones and walkie-talkies)
  • If the event covers a large area (normal handi-talkies only work line-of-sight, while hams can use repeaters or skywaves.)
  • If interoperability is necessary (ham radios are open transmissions that everyone can hear)
  • You need volunteers who are trained to interface with Incident Commanders from all the major first responders
  • Our services are absolutely free of charge, as required by law
  • You are helping us by giving us an occasion to test our equipment and practice our skill and art

Please contact several months in advance of your event to allow for proper planning.

So far in 2019:

Know of an event of interest to hams? Email and we'll post it here.

  • Jan 7 - The annual Installation of Officers meeting held in the multipurpose room of the Newington Senior Center, 7 pm. Potluck dinner.
  • Feb 4 - Monthly meeting - Paul Gibson, N1TUP, gave a surprise presentation about the BEARS of Manchester's annual New Year's Day hidden transmitter hunt, as well as a summary of the ARRL New England Director's Cabinet Meeting held in Springfield this January. Pot luck desserts were contributed by members.
  • March - Monthly Meeting and soup exchange. Guest speaker was Phil Roland, N1DN, on use of 220Mz band.
  • April 1 - Monthly meeting - AB1GL summarized some of the previous publications by Professor Emil Heisseluft; and his own version of the Scalene Triangular Orthagonally Opposed Polarity Isotropic Dipole, or STOOPID, antenna.
  • May 6 - Guest speaker: KB1PRP on MUFON Net
  • May 11 - VE Session at ARRL HQ
  • May 19 - Lucy Welles Library 5K.
  • June 3 - NARL Field Day organizational meeting
  • June 22-23 Field Day, Mill Pond Park, Newington CT
  • July 1 - NARL Monthly meeting - 13 Colonies prep and antenna build. (Phil N1DN explained how to participate in the "13 colonies" contest)
  • July 1-7 - 13 Colonies Special Event, all club members are invited to act as station K2D from your home or mobile station. See email from Phil, N1DN, with details on how to sign up for a time, band and mode to operate.
  • July 27 - NARL supports the Scottish Rites 5K run. Contact KB1QQI to volunteer.
  • Aug 5 - K2D QSL stuffing (the NARL club will use the regular meeting to record "13 Colonies" contest requests for the Connecticut event station's QSL card and to stuff return envelopes. Food  provided.
  • Sept 2 - NARL meeting. K2D envelope stuffing postponed to the October meeting.
  • Oct 7 - NARL meeting.  Finished last of the K2D QSL envelopes.
  • Nov. 4 - NARL meeting.  Opened nominations for 2020 officers.